Tears of joy (not that that says a whole lot considering tears still flow more often than I’d like to admit). But I have this urge to frame the pictures from my colonoscopy yesterday. Such a beautiful colon! Pretty weird but whatever I’m on cloud 9.

15 months on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet with the support of Doctor Vasiliauskas has not only treated me but HEALED me tremendously. Holy shit. To see the proof of all of my commitment and hard work is as gratifying as something could be. I mean I knew my physical symptoms have decreased ten fold since beginning the diet but to actually know I healed myself by simply giving my body the resources to do so is a revelation. SCD works! I’m the type who needs proof. I need to see the science. Here I am my own successful science experiment. That’s pretty damn cool.

I was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis July of 2015 and now 15 months later after following strict SCD I have a ‘normal’ looking colon (except for a small amount of inflammation by my appendix). Wow. The expression on my doctors face as I was being wheeled into recovery was priceless. He had just come from telling my Mom the great results of the colonoscopy and was wearing this huge grin. “It looks normal! It looks normal,” he kept saying as I was coming out of my deep propofol sleep. Not only was I extremely relieved and elated for myself but for him as well. To have another patient proving that his path into integrative medicine is not only healing people but literally giving them their life back – what a beautiful result to a otherwise precarious procedure. He gave me hope. Now I can give you hope.

Make the commitment. It is absolutely worth getting your life back. To be handed back control over your body – there is NOTHING like it.

Food is medicine. To have health is to have everything.