Even now, sometimes eating makes things worse…

Simply put sometimes eating food is not what is best for my body. I usually only feel this way after perhaps eating too much the day before or indulging in something outside the guidelines of SCD (chocolate is almost always the culprit) or eating too many nut flours. But some days I wake up and I’m just not hungry but rather full – and I don’t get hungry throughout the day. It’s really weird. And if I eat on these days, I only increase the suffering. I’ll become really bloated and uncomfortable all day, only finding relief by not eating for as long as it takes to feel better… which sometimes is a day or two.

I take some comfort in knowing that other people with Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis can relate and tend to experience this often. This lack of hunger. Which I guess put into perspective is beneficial? Hey I don’t have to spend time preparing food, I can focus on other things. But I just feel a little uneasy knowing my body isn’t partaking in its natural, biological course. Its like it is tired of trying to digest food so it just gives up for a bit and allows the undigested food to just hang out in my GI tract keeping me satisfied. I know this is just a symptom of having a diseased gut but I also am a bit confused because I am in clinical remission. I’m starting to realize even though the inflammation in my colon has decreased ten fold and I’m technically in clinical remission, my body will always operate a bit differently than the norm. I guess thats probably why they say Ulcerative Colitis is an incurable disease HA jokes on me.

Anyway on these weird and random days of being hunger-free I try to take advantage of consuming as many healthy, healing, anti-inflammatory and hydrating beverages that I can. These usually include my anti-inflammatory ginger/turmeric tea (recipe here), organic peppermint tea (great for digestion), fresh coconut water (hydrating, lots of electrolytes), freshly squeezed and organic veggie/fruit juices (a high dosage of nutrients) and homemade Jun (fermented tea, very similar to kombucha with lots of good probiotics for the gut). I realized not too long ago that if I were to drink everything I know is helpful to me while still eating and not forgetting to drink ample amounts of filtered WATER then in general I would be consuming a lot. So I guess these random hunger free days help me to balance things out and flood my body with other nutrients that otherwise would simply be too much. I’m curious to hear if other UC/Crohns sufferers have these hunger-free days as often as me and what they consume on these days. If you are one, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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